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New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Worlds 1-9 Full Game (All Star Coins)

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This video shows off a Complete 100% Walkthrough of Worlds 1-9 in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch!

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World 1 Acorn Plains - 01:46
World 2 Layer Cake Desert - 29:47
World 3 Sparkling Waters - 1:05:16
World 4 Frosted Glacier - 1:42:27
World 5 Soda Jungle - 2:15:35
World 6 Rock Candy Mines - 3:13:09
World 7 Meringue Clouds - 3:58:46
World 8 Peach's Castle - 4:43:53
World 9 Superstar Road - 5:14:01

  • Dancing Gamer
    Dancing GamerOk I'll wait for emulators
  • Yellya Yt
    Yellya YtJust got this game right now, let me say this, it. Is. Amazing.
  • Jimmy Williams
    Jimmy WilliamsI really want a Switch but it has no games
  • Xander the gamer, collector, & Animator
    Xander the gamer, collector, & AnimatorThey should make Super Mario 3D Land-World On Nintendo Switch
  • Dani sotamba
    Dani sotambaNice
  • Kremit The Frog’s Brother
    Kremit The Frog’s BrotherThe sad thing about life, is that he beat this game in less than a single school day.
  • Kristian Schmiedeskamp
    Kristian SchmiedeskampI dont want That game cuz You need Nintendo switch
  • Harriet Barber
    Harriet BarberFirst one I saw to include blooper's secret lair!
  • Nati Kulawiak
    Nati KulawiakDoes This Version Diffrent Than New Super Mario Bros. Normal?
  • Clover Leung
    Clover LeungWhy is the song different??