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New Super Mario Bros. U Co-op Walkthrough - World 9 - Superstar Road (All Star Coins)

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Part 9 of a co-op walkthrough of New Super Mario Bros. U. This part covers all of world 9 'Superstar Road'. For the entire series I am playing as Mario and my friend played as Luigi. Below is the playlist for this series.

New Super Mario Bros. U (2 player) Playlist:

  • Christopher Washington
    Christopher WashingtonDo acorns represent tanooki suits in New Super Mario Bros. U
  • AnthonyPlayz 2017
    AnthonyPlayz 2017they should make it so if you don't get hit or die Mario says "Perfect!" at the end. that would be cool
  • 陳郁婷
  • Riobard OMurchuDeng
    Riobard OMurchuDengyou guys make a good team :)
  • Trevor Jenkins
    Trevor Jenkins99 lives world one😱🙏😮
  • Mathias Schmidt
    Mathias SchmidtFace reveal!!!!!!
  • Ahmed Ahmed
    Ahmed Ahmed111 1, 11111111111, .,,4 في كل من يحاول الفرار
  • MarcFranko Gantuangco
    MarcFranko Gantuangcoi said fishtanks.not prostake!fishfrek out! chill!
  • MarcFranko Gantuangco
    MarcFranko Gantuangcopack are you mario?
  • MarcFranko Gantuangco
    MarcFranko Gantuangcosuper star! with mario broters! ok bowser team! i can kill you! i'ts simple guys! with golden flower! hahay!