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Taqdeer - Full Movie

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This Interestingly narrated story revolves around a rich young man Aditya (Manoj) who has everything going for him in life except his memory; he can't remember a thing about his life after a night's sleep. He has to refresh his memory every morning with tapes that spell out his past and identity. Rich in money and poor in memory makes this young man look like a sitting duck to people who want to get rich fast. A clever plot is hatched and as expected the young man walks straight into it, oblivious of what's happening. Before he knows, he is in trouble with the law.

Enter Anjali (Sneha Ullal) as a police officer. She shows extra interest in taking up this case which makes you suspect that there is more to it than just a police officer's zest to get to the bottom of things. How the young man extricates himself from the quagmire and identifies friend from foe forms the rest of the plot. Riya Sen appears in an important role. She delivers the glamour that is generally associated with her presence.

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    Atashi NaskarAre vaia a Taqdeer movie nahi
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    Ayush vlogsaba bakchod ya yaqdeer hai.
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    SUBHASH SINGHTakdeer 2018 movie
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