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How to dye Bleached Blonde to Dark Blonde hair ( LOREAL Paris Excellence Creme )

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I hope you guys like the Video :-) The color I used in this video was shade # 7 Dark Blonde/Natural by L'OREAL Paris Excellence Creme

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Buy the Hair Dye I used here: http://amzn.to/2bzWjf0

  • Sarah & Co
    Sarah & CoI recently dyed my hair from brown/blonde with a max blonde 00b level 3 Schwarzkopf, my roots are bright but I have warm bits in it. Would a darker blonder dye fix it or am I bets going to a salon
  • Leanful
    LeanfulHow da hell u was talking witout moving yo mouth bruh
  • E Muns
    E MunsThank you so much!! This is exactly what I'm about to do and have bought the same dye. ☆☆
  • Ingrid Dusome
    Ingrid DusomeThank you for showing me over the counter drug store dye solutions that work, your adorable!
  • Julia Dezotell
    Julia DezotellI’ve been looking for a video like this for awhile. My hair has three different colors right now. I’m trying to get close to my natural hair color as possible. I tried the dark ash blonde and it didn’t work so now I’m going to a dark honey blonde hoping that this is a better color for me. Btw my hair is a dirty blonde naturally with white hair and a really faded mint color. I’m hoping I can fix my hair.
  • Erin T
    Erin TYour hair is SO very thin. Thank u for making the video.
  • Daniela Danci
    Daniela DanciThank you❤
  • Bethany Theobald
    Bethany TheobaldOMG I love it definitely gonna try.
  • B Bee
    B BeeGreat job! Beautiful honey blonde shade.
  • HolidayGolightlyify
    HolidayGolightlyifyDo you have darker blonde videos?