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Shane Diesel realistic Dildo molded from his actual penis. His cock really is that huge!

Mandy Blackwell 140.6K views 3.19

Big, Black, Realistic 10" Exact replica of adult star Shane Diesel's cock and balls. Same feel! Same look! This huge ebony dildo is ready for you. Look and feels like Shane Diesel's cock. Firm, yet flexible design. Waterproof. Suction cup base for hands-free fun. Works with all lubes. Includes autographed photo of Shane Diesel. 100% phthalate free, safe for your body. Made is the USA.

Available as a Vibrating or Regular Dildo

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  • 90sLifter
    90sLifterIf you think Shane is something look up Shorty Mac the pornstar not the rapper.lol
  • bos tom
    bos tomIt's 7 inches and 5.5 girth not 7.5 length
  • Davaro Mavaro
    Davaro Mavarowhite sluts deserves bbc,not small dicks
  • Birds Wins!
    Birds Wins!mom must be so proud...
  • Mario Maestas
    Mario MaestasWhere did Shane go and get this done , do you have a address and phone number of the clinic ?
  • Bryan Bation
    Bryan BationWhat is the name of a lady beside shane?
  • TJM
    TJMCheck out all the small dicks here saying Diesel ISN'T big. Mutherfuckers if YOU were that big they'd be making dildos modeled after YOUR cock, but they ain't!!!!
  • marco delolmo
    marco delolmoThe master cock Shane’s the monster black cock I I’m waiting for a realistic Sheen ass to play and fuck
    AJALAH UPFRONT.Its gorgeous.
  • wahlberg laplanete
    wahlberg laplaneteDid the blonde girl try the dildo or Shane's c**k after the shooting ?