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How to Tone Hair | Brassy to Ash Blonde Wella Toner

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Hey Yall! In this video I show you how I tone my hair, a few tips and my over process and opinion on toners!

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  • Thalia Rodriguez
    Thalia RodriguezWhere did you get your necklace 😍?
  • Fatiha Boudaoui
    Fatiha Boudaoui😍😍😍😍😍
  • Amelia Galabova
    Amelia GalabovaI don’t get it. The ends are blue?
  • Isabella Oliveira
    Isabella OliveiraPlease, translate Brazilian Portuguese
  • Lisa Derry
    Lisa DerryBeautiful looking girl
  • Nami Avianna
    Nami Aviannawow this color looks amazing on you
  • Stephanie Urdinarrain
    Stephanie UrdinarrainIt looked good blonde, you should condition more
  • Jessica Hernandez
    Jessica HernandezWhat purple shampoo do you use?
  • Karla lomelí
    Karla lomelíT18 with T11 with 10 vol I'll try it
  • I’m Relevant
    I’m RelevantI put bleach in my black roots and the roots are orange im sick of wearing hats but i dont want to bleach my hair again so im gonna try to put another hair dye on top of the orange hair its not gonna match the rest of it but I’ll work with it for a while cause I don’t want to damage my hair wish i saw ur video before doing that 💔💔