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How to Tone Hair | Brassy to Ash Blonde Wella Toner

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Hey Yall! In this video I show you how I tone my hair, a few tips and my over process and opinion on toners!

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  • Caryn Alonso
    Caryn AlonsoThe siren🤣🤣🤣
  • Rebecca Pendarvis
    Rebecca Pendarvis2 questions: When you mixed the Wella T-18 and T-11, did those by themselves turn purple? 💜 You used a 10 developer, and I've been told to use a 20. Thoughts on why you used a 10.
  • Evangeline Penner
    Evangeline PennerWhat purple shampoo do you recommend?
  • Stoked Subs
    Stoked SubsSorry baby but ash colors dont suit you... you should go for a warm light brown color! It would look amazing
  • Christol Ellison
    Christol EllisonThank you for this <3
  • HeeyMariahh
    HeeyMariahhbleached my hair yesterday and now it’s pin straight when wet and only curls up once it’s dry 😭😭😭😭 waist length hair is just now sad. how do I fix this 😭
  • Elizabeth Almonte
    Elizabeth AlmonteWait so did you wash out the deep conditioner??? Before toning?
  • princess v
    princess vGood lord that curly hair is epic you're like a curly unicorn
  • Natalie Binam
    Natalie Binamyou should dye your hair purple it would look so good!
  • The Zacher Fam
    The Zacher FamYou pull off both colors so beautifully!!