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New Super Mario Bros. U: World 9 Superstar Road (All Star Coins 100% Multiplayer Walkthrough)

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Welcome to our New Super Mario Bros. U walkthrough! This is a 100% walkthrough of the game, we collect all star coins in every level and show you all the secrets of the game. We play with Mario, Blue Toad and Yellow Toad. Enjoy!

In this video we show Superstar Road, World 9 and the Bonus World of New Super Mario Bros. U. Superstar Road requires you to beat the game and to collect every star coin from each world to unlock a new world in Superstar Road. These worlds are very hard and are the final challenge of the game. Enjoy!

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Timestamps of levels in this video:
00:00 - Unlocking Superstar Road
01:27 - Secret Island
02:28 - Actual Star of Superstar Road
02:40 - Superstar Road-1: Spine-Tingling Spine Coaster
06:01 - Superstar Road-2: Run for It
09:25 - Superstar Road-3: Swim for Your Life!
12:32 - Superstar Road-4: Hammerswing Caverns
16:44 - Superstar Road-5: Spinning Platforms of Doom
21:11 - Superstar Road-6: Fire Bar Cliffs
25:43 - Superstar Road-7: Lakitu! Lakitu! Lakitu!
29:10 - Superstar Road-8: Pendulum Castle
33:46 - Superstar Road-9: Follow That Shell!
36:36 - 100% completion of New Super Mario Bros. U!

Mario is played by Maurits.
Blue Toad is played by Rik.
Yellow Toad is played by Myrte.
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  • Crimson_ClawYT
    Crimson_ClawYT6:10 I used to like and hate this level
  • Random Ryan
    Random RyanMy game is broken. I unlocked all Acorn Plains Star Coins and Superstar Road won’t open. There’s no bug report for Nintendo. Help.
  • Adrian Sandoval
    Adrian SandovalWhy you not catch Nabbit?
  • Cool Zombie
    Cool Zombie19:50 M:YEAH YEAH I WON! (atm yt was flying in a bubble) YT:MARIOOOO!!!!! M:OK guys,I’ll pop u back (M pops YT and they go.) BT:Guys.... (A Boo starts chasing him) BT:ZOO-WEE-MAMA!
  • Cool Zombie
    Cool Zombie16:10 BT and Mario fly. YT:If BT can fly,then I CAAAAN!!! (YT tried but she couldn’t.She was about to die.But then a bubble saved her life.) YT:Thanks bubble!
  • Cool Zombie
    Cool Zombie13:51 Myrte:So? Maurits:Lemme try. A big hour later... Rik:lets go dat pipe is fAeK
  • Cool Zombie
    Cool Zombie8:00 at this point rik got worse
  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel AngelWii U
  • N00B
    N00BTrust me super mario bros u deluxe is easy but trust me the star road for super luigi u deluxe is much harder