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New Super Luigi U - World 9 Superstar Road 9-6 - Fire Bar Sprint (All Star Coins)

packattack04082 33.2K views 4.86

New Super Luigi U 100% walkthrough for World 9 'Superstar Road'. The various levels in world 9 - Superstar Road are unlocked when you collect all of the star coins in the previous 8 worlds. Each level in this world represents one of the first 8 worlds. This video shows how to complete and get all 3 star coins on Superstar Road Level 6 'Fire Bar Sprint' (9-6). The locations of the star coins in this stage are listed below.

New Super Luigi U 100% walkthrough playlist:

00:06 Superstar Road 6 (Level 9-6) 'Fire Bar Sprint'
00:13 - Star Coin 1
00:18 - Star Coin 2
00:35 - Star Coin 3

  • Zangief Romanov
    Zangief RomanovThank you sooo much. I was raging at this level. After watching you do it just once I tried it and died at the last fireball. Did it perfect 2nd time. Thanks again. With this one, it is timing and faith. Thanks again
  • Kat The Robloxian
    Kat The RobloxianWelcome to hell
  • Super George
    Super GeorgeTook me forever to do this and get the timing right
  • MrEggShark
  • MrEggShark
  • jack hammerd05
    jack hammerd05O_O ... HOW!?!?
  • doodlepig
    doodlepigWow, that was so freaking frustrating until I watched this video. Enter the stage at the right time, right after the fire comes through and run straight through the level with some light jumps in there. Easy!
  • Mr Magn├ętoscope
    Mr Magn├ętoscopeI just completed it with Nabbit.
  • Spook Master
    Spook MasterLittle easy secret: *NABBIT*
  • CrasherX 2000
    CrasherX 2000Those hitboxes on the fire bars look really wonky...