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DARK HAIR TO ASH BLONDE. all the facts you NEED to know!

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Everything you need to know about going from dark hair, to light hair.

This is how you take virgin hair from a level 4, to a perfect level 10, and then tone it to a smoky ash blonde, in just over 4.5 hours.

For this video we used a model with virgin hair.
(virgin hair means that there is no professional or boxed hair colour anywhere from roots to ends.)

*Process times for hair varies depending on the following*

-virgin hair
-texture of hair
-thickness or length
-previously coloured hair (colour correction)

A process like this isn't always possible. Your colourist will always let you know the truth behind going lighter in one day. Not only is it an expensive, time consuming process that can have you at the salon for 5+ hours, but it could potentially damage your hair.

We used Olaplex on her model to preserve the integrity of her hair. This is a step that is CRUCIAL for any dramatic change.
http://www.olaplex.com Don't forget to ask your colourist about using Olaplex! It isn't just for blondes!

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  • Happy girl
    Happy girlI'm not in the hair industry, so will a licensed hair dresser please answer my question. Why is foil used, and, is it aluminum foil such as Reynolds Wrap? By the way she looks beautiful as a blonde. Makes me want to go blonde.
  • Dale Gonsalves
    Dale GonsalvesWow the end result is so amazing. The woman looks so sophisticated. The hair stylist did a great job, if I would get my hair dyed it would be in this salon because I would definitely trust my hair in her hands.
  • Trixy Eagles
    Trixy EaglesIs toner permanent as well? I remember having my hair bleached and it turned brassy after some days.
  • Nikki Henry
    Nikki HenryYikes that looks really unnatural. You look so gorgeous with the dark!
  • mehreen khan
    mehreen khanWwooww!
  • Gustavo Amador
    Gustavo AmadorWhat was the Illumina formula
  • Braga Pierce
    Braga PierceCan you please tell me that I want a grey colour on my hair.Tell me the brand and number of colour Iam from Pakistan.I shall be very greatful to you.or I will buy from your salon on line please help me i have tried many colors available in pakistan but didn't achieve that rrsult I want.kindly help me out for grey color
  • x tna
    x tnaLooked 10 years older blonde
  • Christine Lohmann
    Christine LohmannUnd die Kopfhaut??? Die hängt bestimmt in Fransen runter bei so viel Chemie
  • Christine Lohmann
    Christine LohmannKann such mal jemand was auf deutsch schreiben 🤨