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Should I Do Porn? Whats it Like Being a Porn Star? With Bruce Beckham

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Do you want to do porn? Wonder what is it like to do porn? Or how is it to date someone that does porn? Dating a porn star?

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be a porn star? An adult entertainer? A sex worker? If you were approached with the option, how would you decide? And, is it all it's cracked up to be? Surely, there are some downsides, right?

This week, I sat down with gay adult entertainer Bruce Beckham. We talked about the pros and cons, what it's like to date, and how to decide if you should be in the industry. Looking for money? Fame? Great sex? Or a way to explore your sexuality?

Bruce has appeared in many films including Dangerous Liaisons, Fire Island Cruising 7 and 8, Cauke for Free, The Slutty Professor, and Get Your Dick Out of my Son. He's worked with Dallas Steele, Eddy Ceetee, Jason Vario, Jesse Jackman, Alex Mecum, Micahel Del Ray, and Austin Wolf, just to name a few.

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Episode 24: Should I Do Porn? With Bruce Beckham


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    Lose You To Love Me Out 10.23selena gomez is coming
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    MateoPapiChuloIt's always refreshing to see an adult performer who is not only gorgeous, but also intelligent. I've watched interviews with other performers, and that performer has the look, the body, great in their scenes, but they don't have brains. For example, when the interviewer asks that person a question, they only get a one answer response. They come off dull and the interview becomes cringy and you almost regret watching it. Glad this wasn't a disappoinment. Great job, man!
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    sif midoyou love jason vario ؟؟
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    Bryson TullisThis was very humanizing
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    Nelsonohh look a slut
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    Carlos Chavarin Jr.I love Bruce Beckham.