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If you desire greater intimacy with God and greater clarity in your spiritual life, this video is for you!

Brace yourself for a mind-blowing cacophony of incredible truths bundled into a single sermon. It's practically impossible for a mere description to accurately portray the revelations contained within this message. We just have one piece of advice - WATCH UNTIL THE VERY END!!!

"What you will leave behind is more important than what you claim to achieve." - T.B. Joshua

  • Outa Andy
    Outa AndyAMEN
  • Nadia Hermas
    Nadia Hermasاذكر ابني بصلاتكم سلوان فيصل واذكر ابنتي نور بصلاتكم يارب اعطينا الحكمة انا نادية وزوجي نشوان نحبكم
  • Nadia Hermas
    Nadia Hermasالرب يباركك رجل الله اصلي يحميك القدير ويحمي كنيستك وكل الخدمات والقائمين على العمل معك هذا عمل حبار وكبير من الرب الرب ينجح طريقك بالخير والبركة
  • Linda Lestari
    Linda LestariYinka you look china
  • Maru Emmanuel
    Maru EmmanuelHahaha This Message made me to Laugh Man of God... I will never give up Listening to you no matter what, You are preaching the truth about God to God's people.
  • Merlyn Damuwon
    Merlyn DamuwonI wish I had known this channel earlier but I believe God's time is the best time especially this end time we need a man of GOD like him. God bless you more prophet TB Joshua
    DEBORAH OWINOI fear next for real
    DEBORAH OWINOGod! Solve this matter please
  • Sarah Boniface
    Sarah BonifaceEmmanuel
  • God we trust Aburime
    God we trust AburimeGlory be to God of Emmanuel tv is our freedom, breakthrough in jesus name Amen thank you jesus