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NEW* ODES Dominator review after 2 years of play

ky s 68.5K views 4.29

Guess what Odis the odes dominator has the respect of anyone and everyone that has seen him romp/pull/outlast/traverse/climb/descend/get thru anything. its durability has be come legendary in my eyes. i love it the only thing major that has broken was my own fault (too fast in tall grass = a big ass crash.

  • Jim Honer
    Jim HonerNever buy a used UTV from this man!
  • Michael Peychich
    Michael PeychichI have one I use on the farm it has been a good machine except for two problems. 1. The starter failed a week after warranty and was very expensive to fix. 2. In subzero temps the plastic doors seem to shrink to the point none of them will stay latched. This occurs at about -5˚F or below when it warms back up the work fine.
  • Mike Johnston
    Mike JohnstonDon’t buy Odes. Junk. Just plane junk. No customer services. None.
    THEIRISHAXEHey man where do you find spark plugs and air cleaners ect for this thing I have the same one. Also the fucking thing will barely shift and is really shaky . Can't find parts anywhere but oem odes website they don't sell all the parts bug surprise. Did you have to change the ecu or injectors after opening the exhaust up? Did you just get exhaust for the canam 800? Since it's the same motor?
  • Gary King
    Gary KingBought a 2015 dominator X in August of 2015. Replaced the transmission twice, replaced the steering box, windshield keep popping out during transport (dealer told me to buy an enclosed trailer)
  • Robert Monk - artist
    Robert Monk - artistMy 2010 Odes Dominator UTV 800cc is far too loud and my neighbors are complaining, how can I reduce the noise level ?
  • ky s
    ky sthese are not the best by any means but the do get the job done, mechanical knowledge is a must lol
  • shane wattenbarger
    shane wattenbargertotal junk bought 2 units both junk they have had to pay these guys to make videos i have yet find a happy buyer . Un less you like to work on these units after every ride make sure you have extra unit to pull youback home.
    GTA FANATICI purchased the Dominator 800 back in April. I broke it in just as i was instructed. No problems yet but i did notice weak brakes. Also I let my 18 yr old son take it for the weekend. Besides some broken plastic, and a little bent metal, it still runs. Cant wait for spring
  • William Charles
    William CharlesHow do you check the ****ing oil?