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I.Q. (1/9) Movie CLIP - Premature Ignition (1994) HD

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Ed Walters (Tim Robbins) falls for Catherine Boyd (Meg Ryan) when she and her boyfriend, James Moreland (Stephen Fry), experience car trouble and pull into his repair shop.

Legendary scientist Albert Einstein (played here by Walter Matthau) takes a break from theoretical physics to try to set up his intellectual niece with a handsome auto mechanic in this romantic comedy. The movie's central conceit is that Einstein's brilliance extends to matters of the heart, allowing him to immediately sense that Ed Walters (Tim Robbins), a bright, lower-class mechanic obsessed with Popular Science Magazine, would be perfect for his niece Catherine (Meg Ryan). Unfortunately, Catherine is already engaged to a stiff Princeton man. In order to defeat Catherine's resistance, Uncle Albert decides to help Ed pretend to be a revolutionary scientist, a charade that inevitably leads to much farcical confusion. Einstein's scientist pals are portrayed as a Greek chorus of Catskills-style kibitzers, featuring such notable perfomers as Lou Jacobi as Kurt Godel and director Gene Saks as Boris Podolsky.

TM & © Paramount (1994)
Cast: Stephen Fry, Tim Robbins, Meg Ryan
Director: Fred Schepisi
Producers: Carol Baum, Sandy Gallin, Neil A. Machlis, Scott Rudin, Fred Schepisi
Screenwriters: Andy Breckman, Michael Leeson

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  • chasingdreams119
    chasingdreams119He totally eye flirted with her!
    SCE2AUXThis scene defines "subtext."
  • Thuận Lê Văn
    Thuận Lê Văndo you have the link of this hole movie, i love this movie but in vietnam nowhere i can i even just an web to download this movie
  • Melissa0774
    Melissa0774I used to live in Hopewell. I never realized they had the Mobil Oil unicorn in the movie. That thing is still there!
  • Brian John
    Brian JohnI was hoping to hear the violin piece that plays over the opening credits. Does anybody have it ?
  • cheneeamoi93
    cheneeamoi93My I.q. Is 157.
  • henrynevins
    henrynevinsI was picked as an extra for IQ, but scene was cut. Locations filmed in Princeton, NJ. Restaurant scene at the Cranbury Inn in nearby Cranbury. Einstein's real house is the one to the right of the one used in the film. House used doesn't have a porch, but temporarily added one for film. Garage is 10 miles from Princeton, in the village of Hopewell. Fuld Hall of motorcycle scene is were Einstein really worked, about 1mi from his home. Tree scene is the famous Mercer Oak where Gen Wash fought.
  • Jhoanna Maurice
    Jhoanna MauriceI ABSOLUTELY LOOOVE THIS MOVIE^_^!!! Can't you upload the entire movie? Even if just in "10 minute segments", please?
  • Dorcas Noemi
    Dorcas Noemisub en español