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Porn. My Rock Bottom?

Carter Dane 27.5K views 4.76

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  • Linda Szatkowski
    Linda SzatkowskiCarter just stay who you are. I think you are adorable and you and Alex are two nice, genuine and caring guys. We need more of you two. I know this an older video as I just saw it but Alex knows I love him. You two are the best guys besides being gorgeous.🔥🔥❤❤
  • Erica Brohm
    Erica BrohmYou were thriving then and you’re thriving now ✨
  • James Robinson
    James RobinsonYou're great, Carter. You'd be a great one for me to share things man to man with!!! I'd love to meet you physically!!!
  • Camilo2002oz
    Camilo2002ozIt is OK to be a porn performer just to get the money to support yourself or even to have extra money. You do not need to say that you do it to finance your education. Most Canadian youngsters finance their education and it does not mean in any way that they need to be porn performers. Do not think at all that you have to apologize for what you do. You are an excellent person and a lovely performer. Wish you all the best!
  • Jessica Murphy
    Jessica Murphyby relationship does Carter mean they have a great relationship as in BEST friends or r they actually in a relationship as in boyfriends. Just wondering.
  • Andrew 666 Hammett IV Sixth Sextus
    Andrew 666 Hammett IV Sixth SextusI can’t hear you 👂🏻 it’s awful Qualitäten
  • Shan Ali
    Shan Alihi carter why u play only bottom y not top? plz answer
  • The YouTube Critic
    The YouTube Critic1:03 I KNEW IT
  • Lindem `
    Lindem `Honey, don't you ever listen to small minded and awful people that don't even know you! You're doing a great job, you're being a role model for lots of people! Sending love from Russia❤😊🤙
  • José Luis Oki E.
    José Luis Oki E.Qué buen culo tienes hijo! 🍑✌😉👍 te amo 👄