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Her crush humiliated her, so she got full-body plastic surgery | Clip from 200 Pounds Beauty

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you know things are messed up when the standard of beauty feels like the standard of living

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About "200 Pounds Beauty" (미녀는 괴로워):
Han-na, an overweight woman with a beautiful voice, provides the real vocals for a pretty pop star who can’t carry a tune. After a humiliating encounter, Han-na undergoes head-to-toe plastic surgery and reemerges a year later as svelte singer Jenny. (AKA: Beauty is Pain)

Ji Seo-Yun 지 서연
Joo Jin-Mo 주진모
Kim Ah-Jung 김아정
Sung Dong-Il 성동일

Kim Yong-hwa 김용화

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200 Pounds Beauty | K-Crush

  • K-Crush
    K-CrushFrom what we're seeing in the comments, many people have a problem with the message/implications of this movie clip. We're truly sorry to anyone who was hurt or offended by the video. This is from the beginning of the film '200 Pounds Beauty,' which, as a whole, has a really poignant message about the damaging effects of restrictive beauty standards & learning to love yourself for who you are on the inside. It's a beloved Korean classic & we highly recommend you watch the whole thing. Out of context, however, the message of the clip is much more cynical, and understandably offensive. Those are not the values we mean (or the movie means) to promote! People that don't fit the mold of society's beauty standards are not any less worthy of love, or respect-- and plastic surgery will *not* magically fix all of your problems. Love yourself. <3
  • Oleve Forever
    Oleve ForeverBet she doesnt know what subliminals are
  • Albert Baker
    Albert BakerIt’s just sad that some people actually go through this kind of humiliation 😭
  • wowzer
    wowzerRip doggo dang:(
  • Robert A Miller Jr.
    Robert A Miller Jr.At the end it's funny bc she jumpin
  • Beverly Moeou
    Beverly MoeouShe’s so beautiful :)
  • Winter F5 gaming
    Winter F5 gamingOh ok nvm
  • Winter F5 gaming
    Winter F5 gamingAnd d-di-did she kill the poor puppy
  • Winter F5 gaming
    Winter F5 gamingBruh she didn’t have to do that and this man should never judge anyone
  • Livingboldlynfierce
    LivingboldlynfierceWhere the heck she get the money to buy that dress?!