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Ignition Key Wont Turn? Car Problem Solved!

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Car key or steering won't turn - https://www.driving-school-beckenham.co.uk/ignition-key-wont-turn.html

If you can't turn your ignition key when trying to start your car then don't force it. You won't be able to turn the steering wheel either. The steering column lock has probably been engaged. It's an anti-theft device and is standard on most cars.

It's easy to disengage the steering lock and turn the ignition key again and get driving. All you need to do is gently turn the key as you normally would and turn the steering wheel to the left and right a couple of times until the key turns normally. Don't force anything.

If you're taking driving lessons and have a driving test coming up soon then hopefully this video will help with the learning to drive process.

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  • M1n1 ang3l
    M1n1 ang3lI did this earlier today. Did not know wot to do. Still didn't know how I solved it when it finally unlocked.... Looks like I managed to fix it by accidentally doing wot u said, in frustration. Lol
  • Brownie J.
    Brownie J.OMG you are a huge lifesaver I was stuck here for a whole hour!!!! And was about to tear my steering wheel column apart. Lol. And am in a bad neighborhood New Orleans east out of all places.. I'm out of here man! You're my hero!!! Much thanks again
  • Rae Koval
    Rae KovalLife saver! I was almost late for work but you saved me!
  • World Driving
    World Driving🎬 Stop car windows steaming up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tz3dHgDj3LY
  • WarhawkGames
    WarhawkGamesLife saver thx
  • Daaniko PS
    Daaniko PSOmg thank you! I was freaking out
  • Brittanny Moores
    Brittanny MooresWhew...I had a mini panic attack this morn. Glad to know it was this easy to fix, I feel silly now
  • Jordan Murray
    Jordan MurrayMine wont turn BUT the steering wheel is not locked like normal and I'm stuck in trying to start this frickin car. 1998 Neon
  • Lockwood hunt
    Lockwood huntWheel was parked all the way to left